Zopo Zp998 Octacore Android Smartphone Review And Giveaway

Microsoft launches Outlook web app for Android smartphones

In such a case, the ZP998 offers a strong combination of performance, screen quality and unique software features that might warrant a purchase over other devices. Additionally, it also includes a rootable firmware, custom ROMs and excellent design. The octacore processor, however, feels more like a gimmick rather than a real competitor to Qualcomm or NVIDIA chipsets. While it scores high on benchmarks, its real-world performance fails to impress particularly with respect to apps that dont make use of all eight cores.
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zopo zp998 camera example 300x168   ZOPO ZP998 Octacore Android Smartphone Review and Giveaway

It’s not perfect, but alongside the Xperia Z and iPhone 5 this is about as good a phone as you can buy. Reviewed on: 13 May 14 RRP: 135 inc VAT Rating: Motorola’s Moto G is the best budget smartphone around. At 135 it’s got great build quality, an excellent screen, decent cameras and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean soon to be upgrade to 4.4 KitKat. It’s only limited in the storage department and a lack of 4G support. Reviewed on: 21 May 14 RRP: 549 inc VAT Rating: Things haven’t changed much from the Galaxy S4 but Samsung, as usual, has packed the Galaxy S5 with features. However, a lot are somewhat unnecessary.
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Best Android smartphones 2014 UK

Only a few devices can use it now with more being added regularly, according to Microsoft. In fact, you can vote to have your device added on OWA for devices . Despite offering everything you can already do on OWA for iPhone, the Android version of the app does have one additional feature in the form of contact syncing. Consequently, you can update contacts directly from the devices address book and the app will make sure the changes apply to your Office 365 mailbox as well.
Original version, visit http://www.whatmobile.net/2014/06/12/microsoft-launches-outlook-web-app-android-smartphones/


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