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Updated The top Android phones compared Page 1 of 2Best Android phone: 10 – 6 1.Best Android phone: 10 – 6 Which is the best Android phone for you? We’ve got the answers Related stories Revamped dialer leak suggests Android 4.4.3 may bring new features after all Our verdict on the best Android phones – constantly updated There’s one key way in which Android is massively different from its Apple-branded smartphone competition – the number of phones out there running Google’s hot mobile OS. Samsung makes loads of them. Sony’s cut the Ericsson ties but still is cranking out the Google-branded handsets. Then you’ve got Android-powered phones from Acer, LG, Huawei, Motorola, ZTE and many others, and while HTC has ceased the practice of releasing more phones than centipedes have shoes (they do wear them, you know) it’s still one of the more prominent Android manufacturers. Compare 1,000s of Android deals The many variations in screen size, processor power, software features and design makes finding the best Android phone for you extremely tough. Do you physically and emotionally need a QWERTY keyboard?
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Motorola Moto G

So it embarked on a project about two years ago to rethink computing from the ground up, CTO Martin Fink said at an HP conference in Las Vegas. A key goal for The Machine is to replace the different storage technologies in use today with a single universal memory pool made from memristors, he said. Thats a new type of memory, still at the research stage, that uses ions instead of electrons to represent the 1s and 0s of computer code. HPs Martin Fink shows a mock-up of a memristor module at an HP conference in Las Vegas.
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HP says ‘The Machine’ will supercharge Android phones to 100TB | PCWorld

Firefox OS apps have more functionality than those web apps from seven years ago, however: The company has been working on various APIs that let HTML5 apps access phone hardware such the camera, gyroscope and internal storage, for example. Heres a look how this all works on Android phones: You can install Firefox OS apps from Mozillas online marketplace : Theres actually quite a bit of affinity between Mozillas smartphone platform and Googles. When Mozilla first started what is today called Firefox OS, it was actually implemented as Boot 2 Gecko on a few select Android handsets. Like Android, it runs on a Linux kernel as well. Ironically, its also similar to Googles Chrome OS as it too runs a web-based environment atop Linux.
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