Expanding Its Reach, Mozilla Touts Firefox Os Apps Running On Android — Tech News And Analysis

Microsoft launches Outlook web app for Android smartphones

Like Android, it runs on a Linux kernel as well. Ironically, its also similar to Googles Chrome OS as it too runs a web-based environment atop Linux. Will hordes of Android owners rush to install Firefox OS apps on their Android phone? Not likely, but I dont see Mozillas effort here as way to try and accomplish that. Instead, the company is doing what it has always done: Championing open web standards to show off what they can offer both users and developers.
Original version, visit http://gigaom.com/2014/06/13/expanding-its-reach-mozilla-touts-firefox-os-apps-running-on-android/

As with the iOS app, OWA for Android provides e-mail, calendaring, and contacts all in a Metro-styled application. The two apps are nearly identical in capability; you can search for locations for appointments using Bing Maps, e-mails that appear to be discussing a meeting can create the relevant calendar entries, and there’s support for Microsoft’s Information Rights Management content protection. Microsoft Microsoft The app also supports some amount of remote management; administrators can remotely wipe the app while leaving everything else on the phone untouched. The Android version has one feature not found in the iOS version. On Android, the OWA app can sync with the phone’s built-in contacts list, and this syncing is bidirectional.
Original version, visit http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2014/06/native-outlook-web-app-preview-now-out-for-some-android-phones/

Native Outlook Web App preview now out for some Android phones | Ars Technica

If you are interested in the beta version of the mail client, then there are some other requirements your device needs to meet. OWA will only work if your mailbox is running on Office 365 for business (doesnt include Office 365 personal, Office 365 Home, or Outlook.com) and your device size is considered small or normal by Android OS (translation: no phablet or tablet support just yet). Microsoft says the pre-release is to gather feedback, fix bugs, and generally make sure the app is ready for general release. Only a few devices can use it now with more being added regularly, according to Microsoft. In fact, you can vote to have your device added on OWA for devices . Despite offering everything you can already do on OWA for iPhone, the Android version of the app does have one additional feature in the form of contact syncing.
Original version, visit http://www.whatmobile.net/2014/06/12/microsoft-launches-outlook-web-app-android-smartphones/


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