Is Samsung’s Decline A Bad Sign For Google’s Android? –

HTC to launch other smartphones on Windows

Meanwhile, its smartphone market share has begun to slip. As Google ‘s single largest hardware partner, and the one handset manufacturer most responsible for Android’s global domination, Samsung’s decline could be a problem for Google’s mobile ambitions. Samsung dominates Android Samsung’s share of the Android market is massive. In February, analytics firm Localytics estimated that Samsung had manufactured nearly two-thirds of the Android devices currently in use — LG came in a distant second, with just 7% of the market. Samsung’s flagship Galaxy smartphones comprised the bulk of those devices, but Samsung has also emerged as the dominant player in the Android tablet market. With a plethora of tablets offered in nearly every size and at every price point, Samsung has been steadily growing its share of the tablet market, with shipments rising to 11.2 million in the first quarter, up from just 8.5 million in the first quarter of 2013. Samsung’s Galaxy brand has become so synonymous with Android that Microsoft , in a presentation outlining its rationale for acquiring Nokia ‘s handset unit, referred to all Android handsets as “Android/Galaxy” phones.
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The HTC One M8 with Windows HTC is expanding its horizons later in the month by launching its HTC One M8 flagship on Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. At the moment the M8 is very much an Android device, one of the best in fact, but HTC sees a window of opportunity to jump on the growing Windows Phone OS. If the One M8’s transition to Microsoft’s platform is successful then the company is willing to expand its other devices to Windows too. My source inside HTC’s marketing team in the UK said that the company is increasing its presence in the smartphone market throughout 2014. That includes delivering more smartphones on the Android platform, and also expanding to Windows Phone. It was a tactic originally explored with the HTC One M7, but HTC waited for its flagship to gain market traction and for demand to build over a possible move to Windows.
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