5 More Awesome Android Apps You May Not Have Heard Of – Yahoo News

Phones and Tablet support play everywhere. Compete with Google Play Game Services across the Survival mode and Daily Challenges leaderboards. % GO PREMIUM Duet is free to download and play with some advertisements between gameplay. However, you may pay a once-off in-app purchase to unlock Duet Premium. This will remove all advertisements from the game, aplikasi gps android unlock Survival mode for endless score chasing delight, the Daily Challenges feature and four bonus challenge chapters. You will also help support more independent development of video games. Music Control As its name suggests, Music Control is a very simple moveable widget that will give you the ability to control whatever music is playing on your phone across multiple apps, whether its on Spotify , on the Google Play Store or just a song thats on your device. The app seems to be very new, so dont expect it to be perfect and its developer is asking for user feedback.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/5-more-awesome-android-apps-may-not-heard-161520349.html


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